Our Equipment

We have a wide range of tools and equipment for locating utilities and other objects underground and in concrete. Here are a few of them.

RD-8000 Electronic Locator

We perform our electronic locating using a top-of-the-line RD-8000 pipe and cable locator. This state-of-the-art locator can operate on 18 different frequencies, each of which is best suited to a particular underground environment. The RD-8000 can find the depth of buried utilities to within four inches, and can detect the presence of utilities up to fifty feet below the surface under ideal conditions.

MALÅ CX Concrete Scanner

Our concrete scanner is a MALÅ CX12 structural ground-penetrating radar, a specialized type of GPR that is specifically designed to find utilities and other objects in concrete slabs. This unit can construct plots of scanned utilities in two or three dimensions, and can even tell if power cables in a slab are energized. We also have a variety of antennas of varying frequencies for the MALÅ CX, each of which provides a particular balance between penetration depth and scan resolution.

MALÅ Easy Locator (HDR)

We use a MALÅ Easy Locator wheeled ground-penetrating radar unit for underground utility imaging. The High Dynamic Range (HDR) antennas, optimized for utility detection, are ruggedized, sealed and shielded. As something of a big brother to the handheld MALÅ CX, the Easy Locator is used primarily to locate non-metallic utilities and underground storage tanks. Like the CX, this unit also has switchable antennas that provide greater scan depth or higher resolution, depending on the needs of the locate. We've also outfitted our Easy Locator with an all-terrain cart, to ensure that this unit will work wherever we need it to.

A view of one the Schonstedt magnetic locator.

Schonstedt Magnetic Locator

This device detects the magnetic fields of all ferromagnetic objects, such as property markers, manholes, septic tanks, well casings, valve boxes, cast iron pipes, steel drums – even unexploded ordnance – up to sixteen feet below the surface.

Trimble GeoExplorer 6000 XH

We use a Trimble GeoExplorer 6000 XH for collecting our coordinates. This in combination with an external antenna, and using real-time differential correction through CORS programs. We are able to get sub-foot accuracies, and sometimes even accuracies within just a few inches of your target.