Sonde Locating

The sonde unit in action.

We often employ sonde locating on jobs that require us to accurately pinpoint the location of non-metallic pipes and ducts. The sonde is a small egg-shaped transmitter attached to a fiberglass rod, which we thread through the pipe while marking its precise location and depth. Using the sonde, we can precisely locate and mark pipe and conduit sections to lengths of 300 feet.

The sonde can also be used to find exactly where pipes and ducts are plugged – with this information, our customers need only dig exactly where they need to when clearing a clog, saving them time and money.

We perform many locates for surveyors and engineers. They put our findings on their plans to give their customers more precise information on where and what is in the ground. This information is often worth thousands of dollars in savings when construction begins – much more if our data prevents a line break!