GPS and Mapping

The sonde unit in action.

We are now capable of providing you with GPS coordinates of your underground utility locate. The accuracy of our GPS equipment can vary depending upon the proximity to buildings, trees, hills/mountains as well as in inclement weather. Our data is sub-foot accurate with exception to these conditions.

The Coordinates can be given in many forms. If you know the Coordinate System, Datum, or Format you would like your Data in, please indicate it while filling out a work order request form.

We are also capable of providing you with a map and/or a KMZ file for future reference of your subsurface utilities.

Using the sonde unit at the L. L. Bean distribution center.

A KMZ file is a file that can be opened in Google Earth. Google Earth (GE) is a computer program used to view a 3D representation of Earth that can easily be downloaded online. When you receive your KMZ file via email, simply click Open in the attachment, and GE will open it automatically. It will zoom into your surveyed area, and you will see color-coded lines representing utilities overlaid into the program.

We can also map out your underground utilities and send them to you in a PNG file. This image file can easily be opened on smart phones or tablets in the field if needed. Making excavation easier and safer since our paint and flags can be known to disappear over time.

For more information on GPS and Mapping please contact Jason at (207) 699-6390 or email at