Electronic Utility Locating

Buried sewer and electric lines criss-cross this parking lot

Electronic location of underground utilities lies at the very heart of what we do. Using state of the art equipment and techniques, we quickly and accurately determine what utilities are underground and where they are located. We then mark the utilities' locations using paint, flags or reference points, so there is no confusion about what is buried where. We also compile a video report which shows the types and locations of the utilities we found.

The ground beneath this electrical substation is filled with electrical conduits

We perform many locates for surveyors and engineers. They put our findings on their plans to give their customers more precise information on where and what is in the ground. This information is often worth thousands of dollars in savings when construction begins – much more if our data prevents a line break!

This paved area contains multiple gas lines, power cables, and potable water lines

These photos show examples of utilities we've found with electronic locating. Metallic pipes and cables are the primary targets of electronic locating – for non-metallic underground utilities, our ground-penetrating radar is usually a better choice.