About Us

Glen Vaillancourt, president and owner of Dig Smart of Maine, Inc.

Glen Vaillancourt founded Dig Smart of Maine in 2003 after being involved in the excavation business for a number of years. Countless times, the plans New England contractors had to work with were not accurate regarding the quantity, location, and depth of underground utilities. Not only is this a safety issue, but contractors often have unexpected trouble with utilities that were not going to fit because they conflict with existing utilities that weren't marked on the plans.

Glen, as a contractor, had been locating utilities for his own jobs for years. He attended Staking University in Chicago, Illinois, for training on the latest and best methods of locating. Staking University is the best locating school in the nation, where some of the largest locating and utility companies send their trainers to be taught by the best teachers in the country.

Our goal from the start was to provide to Maine businesses with more precise and accurate locations of underground utilities. Dig Smart of Maine is not a franchise: this is a business Glen started himself because there was such a need for it in Maine. In the past 16 years, Dig Smart has provided utility location information to architects, engineers, environmental planners, and others who use our data to give their contractors detailed and accurate plans.

Glen Vaillancourt, president and owner of Dig Smart of Maine, Inc. The other aspect of our work is ensuring that contractors have a safer and more profitable working environment. When workers know what's in the ground, their production is at its highest level, and no one has to worry about hitting something unexpectedly. Our data saves time and money for everyone involved.

Most of our work comes from referrals by some of the largest and well-respected companies in New England. Glen has built Dig Smart of Maine by providing great, on-time service, one customer at a time.